Follow country roads to southern Indiana and then on to New Orleans and back again. Have a nice trip!

Sometimes fires set by one generation burn into the lives of those that follow.  Kate Brady is returning to Hawks Crossing to uncover mysteries 

of her past   At age 5, after  after a fire claimed the lives of her parents and baby sister, Kate was sent away from her remaining family. She seeks the  truth about the fire, about her past and why she was sent to live with a distant cousin.  Kate is angry and confused and soon to be in danger.  She will find the unexpected in Hawks Crossing and, quite possibly, love.

Want to know more about Kate and her family?


With her baby girl, Kate travels from southern Indiana to New Orleans where her first love, handsome Drew Butler, reenters her life.  But she's being stalked by an oddly familiar stranger.  Find out how

she learns sometimes you have to make a choice between an old flame and an old love.

TESSA Book Three

A 12 year old girl, a Cajun Housekeeper and an imposing stranger must defeat an evil man and his dark advisor who looks like the French Quarter's long-dead, legendary Marie Laveau!  And what does all this have to do with Tessa and a blind woman with a healing ministry? Read on to discover the answers.

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